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Liz Claiborne tortoise shell sunglasses $.98 at the Lighthouse Thrift Shop.

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Taken with instagram

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My beautiful mom, Gwen (circa 1970s)…and the namesake and inspiration of this blog.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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Preach, Candi! 

Beaded feather halter top and high-waisted denim trousers.  Get into it.

Candi Staton a.k.a “The First Lady of Southern Soul.”  “Young Hearts Run Free” 1976.

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1st cut from ‘The Face’ EP forthcoming on Greco-Roman on June 4th


ft. Sinead Harnett!/sineadharnett

Noted: The Original Instagram

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Interesting article about the ‘Claude glass,’ an 18th century photo device. 

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Taken with instagram

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Taken with instagram


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I’m a fan of vintage-y everything, so the Instagram app is really scratching my itch for making all of the pics of my cat look like they’re from the 70s—-yes, that was a itch I was searching to get scratched. 

Now, how do I post the pics on Tumblr?